Hello and welcome to the Sprue Finders web store!

To everyone who knows us and has dealt with us, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience while we worked on getting our new web store up and running.  It’s been a while in the making, but we are sure you will like it!

We would also like to thank everyone for their business during our initial launch phase and going forward.  You have helped us get to this point through the business you have done with us thus far.

We would also like to thank all the great “Sprue Finders” out there that have pointed us in the direction of opportunities to purchase some great new stock, which we will now start to release with the launch of this site!  Be sure and checkout our “Become a Sprue Finder” blog post, for details on how you can benefit from sending us referrals for collection purchases.

For those who haven’t dealt with us before, who are Sprue Finders and what do we do?  Well we pay cash for hobby related products such as kits, decals, accessories, books tool, in circumstances such as;

  • Where a hobbyist or collector want to leave the hobby and wants to turn what they own into some cash.
  • Where a hobbyist or collector wants to reduce the amount of stuff they own and turn the excess into cash.
  • Stores going out of business or wanting to reduce their stock holdings
  • Deceased estates.

Our stock is considered “second hand” as it has been owned by someone before.  We check everything we sell and provide a guarantee that the item for sale is complete and in good condition, unless otherwise stated.  As a result of the second hand status of our products, you can expect to pay significantly less for the products we sell compared to normal retail and often you will find items in our store that are no longer available in retail stores.

So keep an eye on this site and on our Facebook page for updates, as we will be adding new stock constantly.

Thanks for reading this, our first blog post!  We look forward to doing business with you, whether it be buying a collection from you or selling you one of our great products.

Cheers, Mark from Sprue Finders . . .

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